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Humble Pyre is an American-Roots-Reggae act formed in 2016. Since its inception, Humble Pyre has maintained an ongoing relationship with community charities and local non-profit organizations as their goals are in line with the band's core ideals. Promoting unity and love between the great human family and showing compassion in all things are central ideals of Humble Pyre.

In hopes of reaching a broader audience with their message the band has decided to record an album in addition to booking several shows across the front range Summer 2017. Look for big things from this group as they continue their residency at Pranamor Yoga Art's First Friday celebrations in the Sante Fe arts district and their monthly Reggae-Jam at GB's Fish and Chips on Sheridan Blvd. Additional shows at other Colorado venues have been slated for the future but show dates have yet to be announced. 

Look for the incredible sound of this Mountain Reggae band this Summer in Denver and across the Rocky Mountains!

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Our Next show will be at the  location below:

GB's Fish & Chips 2175 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater, CO 80214

Upcoming Shows:

  • 8/26 Saturday Reggae @ GB's Fish and Chips Sheridan Blvd
  • 9/17 Sunday Reggae @ GB's Fish and Chips Sheridan Blvd
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